All about business names

All About Business Names

Understanding business name basics, choosing a good name and thorough name searches are the three main steps to selecting a business name.

Step 1:  Understand the Business Name Basics

If you’re not sure you understand these points, or just want a review, click away.  It will only take about 5 minutes for the complete ‘course’.

1) The three main ways to carry on business.

2) The different types of business names.

Step 2:  Choose Name

Now you know whether it’s a corporate name, trademark, business name or some combination you’re interested in.  The same basic criteria apply to most of them, and center around confusion.

Choosing a good trademark

Choosing a good corporate/business name

Step 3:  Search the Name

When you have a good candidate, it’s time to do some more comprehensive searches.  The type and depth of search will inform your decision.  Also, give consideration as to how you’re going to interpret the searches.  Will you do it yourself, or hire someone to advise you?