All about business names

Corporate Name Searches

Once you have a candidate for a corporate name, it’s time to do some searches. You can do several of the searches yourself on line. Here’s a listing of some of them.

Search Engines

A good place to start a search is on the internet.  See what you can find that is the same or similar to your name.  Would it be considered ‘confusing’ with your name?

Presearch NUANS Search

This is a exact-match presearch of the NUANS database.   This search includes the official Canadian trademark registry as well as corporation names and business names from 9 of the 10 provinces. (You must do your own search for Quebec.)

‘Official’ NUANS

Once you’ve determined that you’re ready to go, you’ll need to order an official NUANS search, which will be submitted with your application for incorporation.  Again, this should be reviewed for confusion.