All about business names

Types of NUANS Reports

Trade-Marks Only Reports
4T   – 4-page TM report with 2-pages corporate names
TM  – Extended Trade-mark report with full wares and services

Corporate Name Only Reports
TR   – 8-page Corporate and Business Names report
TRL – 10-page Corporate and Business Names report

Federal Reports
4R   – Federal Name Search
4I    – Federal Inquiry Name Search – No Reservation

Provincial Reports
PE   – Prince Edward Island Search report
PEI  – Prince Edward Island Inquiry Report – No Reservation
NS   – Nova Scotia Search report
NSI  – Nova Scotia Inquiry Report – No Reservation
NB   – New Brunswick Search report
NBI  – New Brunswick Inquiry Report – No Reservation
4N   – Ontario Name Search
ONI  – Ontario Inquiry Name Search- No Reservation
AA   – 6 page Alberta Corporate Name Report
AI   – 6 page Alberta Corporate Name Inquiry Report – No Reservation
AB   – 6 page Alberta Trade Name Report
BC   – 6-page British Columbia search report
BBI  – Alberta and British Columbia inquiry name search report
WSI  – Western inquiry name search report